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There are THREE parts to this week’s assignment. Prepare a written document. Complete the following parts by writing your responses and then submit the document per the instructions provided below.

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1. Part 1: Interview with Public Sector Information Technology manager/supervisor

Provide a brief statement indicating who you will interview. Provide their name, organizational affiliation, job title and brief overview of what they do and their management/supervisory responsibilities. Indicate that you have contacted the individual and asked for permission to conduct a telephone or face-to-face interview.

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2. Part 2: Cloud Computing Case Study

Select one case study from this week’s reading (State of cloud computing also available at Files Directory/Week 3) that most closely resembles your current or former organization. If you are not employed select one that is most interesting to you. Provide a one-page description indicating why you picked the case, provide a few highlights from the case, and describe your perspective regarding how Cloud computing is likely to help the organization.

3. Part 3: Knowledge Work in a Michigan School District

Read and analyze the following case study related to knowledge work.

You work as a principal at a high-performing high school in the Mid-Land Michigan area and recently read the article titled: public specter……. (also available at Files Directory/Week 3). The article motivated you to attempt to convince your School District Administrator of the need to take action regarding improving data and knowledge management across the school district.

Write a memorandum addressed to the Mid-Land Michigan School Administrator describing the key points from the article and any other research that you elected to do and offer a persuasive argument and specific actions for developing and implementing a knowledge management program in the district. Use facts and persuasion to convince the Administrator that Mid-Land can move to the forefront in education administration and effectiveness by adopting knowledge management practices and principles. Address key challenges that must be addressed in order to move forward. topics. DO NOT copy and paste content from Internet websites. Write the memorandum using your own thoughts and words.

In order to submit your memorandum, go to ASSIGNMENTS on the left menu and select Week 3 Assignment in order to upload it so that it can be reviewed and assessed.

Writing Guidance

For our purposes this semester all written submissions should generally adhere to the following:

1. There is no need to include a separate cover page. Provide a title for the assignment and your name at the top of the first page.

2. Although APA calls for double spacing everything but the cover page, you are granted ane exception to that requirement and can single space your written assignments.

3. Use 1″ margins (left, right, top and bottom).

4. Indent all paragraphs (APA style).

5. Use standard 11-pitch or 12-pitch fonts.

6. For citations, use APA style. If you need some help understanding how to cite using APA format, go to this site.

7. All writing should be expository format, with proper grammar, spelling and effective use of the English language.

8. Use sub-titles to organize your writing. However, your writing should not include one-sentence paragraphs or one-paragraph sub-sections.

9. Use bullet lists sparingly. We are not writing outlines.

10. Do NOT copy and paste content from the Internet. I want your thoughts. Points will be subtracted for content that is copied and pasted. Along those lines, do not plagiarize. Cite your sources. If I think something has been plagiarized I will check and if true I will direct you to the ethics policy.

11. For the best possible grade demonstrate that you have spent sufficient time on the assignment. Often it is necessary to do Internet searches to obtain additional background material. For the assignment I would like to see that you have done sufficient background research, that you have read the instructions and that you have spent time reflecting on the task and thoughtfully constructing your written response to questions and issues.

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