ASSIGNMENT HELP | Assessment of the Community nursing in the community

Assessment of the Community nursing in the community

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Community Health Nursing Community Assessment

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to familiarize students with the community in which the community health nursing clinical will be held.

The examination will be done in groups and may take longer than the scheduled clinical day to complete. Prepare to provide an oral presentation of your findings at a seminar. The presentation date and time will be set. The following guidelines can help you focus your evaluation.

1. On your way to the allocated community, make the following stops:

a. Have you visited a number of tiny towns? What was the difference between them?

b. Could you tell the difference between different communities’ boundaries? (Was there a clear divide between the communities?)

c. What sights, scents, noises, and other characteristics were associated with the various communities?

2. When you arrive at the specified community, do the following:

a. What indications do you see of a minority culture? What impact does this have on the environment? (Are there any advertising billboards, graffiti, or other signs that represent the ethnic makeup of the community?)

b. On the streets, who do you see: the old, young guys, children, and women? (Indicators of unemployment, political districts, and so on.)

c. What types of businesses are represented in the neighborhood?

d. What would it be like to be a part of the neighborhood?

e. Is there public transportation?

f. What is the distance between supermarkets and shopping malls?

g. What kind of housing do you have?

h. What are the locations of “For Sale” signs?

i. Do you believe that people rent or own their homes?

j. What is this community’s socioeconomic status?

k. What recreational options are available in the area?

l. What types of churches do you see around here?

m. What potential environmental threats have you discovered?

3. What medical services are available in this area? Doctor’s offices, perhaps? Is there any evidence that physicians mirror the population’s ethnic background? What are the medical facilities like?

4. Visit a community center, Senior Citizens Center, or Chamber of Commerce for further information. Figure out what they’re up to. Is it possible for them to provide you with more information about this neighborhood? What additional community resources are there in the neighborhood?

5. Adults on the street or elsewhere should be interviewed:

a. What is it like to live in your neighborhood?

b. What are the assets of this community? Weaknesses?

c. What is the current state of employment for people?

d. Do they have a primary care physician? Is the doctor easily accessible?

e. What is the most serious health issue in this area?

f. What appears to be the community’s gossip center or informal communication network?

g. Create your own set of crucial questions.

6. Price the following items in a small store: eggs, milk, meat, sugar, fruits, and vegetables. What unique need does the tiny store cater to? Price the same products in your local grocer. Keep an eye on the customers at the stores. Are there any folk medicines for sale in the little store? Do they assist you hypothesize about the area’s composition (i.e., ethnic group, age, economic level, occupation)?

7. Other evidence of pricing comparisons for infant items at the same two stores: newborn diapers (3 brands), concentrate formula for 36 oz., powdered formula for 36 oz., and ready to feed formula for 36 oz.

8. What would it be like to be a senior citizen or a homeless person in this neighborhood? What resources are there to suit their requirements?

9. What would it be like in this town to be a young single teenage mother?

10. What resources do they have at their disposal?

11. Try to figure out what the community’s power structure is.

a. To find out who is powerful in the community and how they are influential, interview someone from a community group, such as a school principle, a church pastor, a member of a service club, etc.

b. Adults on the street were interviewed to learn who is regarded influential in the neighborhood and why. Any names that occur twice are likely to have a lot of clout.

c. Determine whether there are any potential public health issues or high-risk groups. What are your suggestions for a solution?

12. Discuss whether or not there is a need for community education.

a. Determine which groups you might like to teach.


Content (worth a maximum of 50% of the total points) Zero points:  Student failed to submit the final paper. 20 points out of 50:  The essay illustrates poor understanding of the relevant material by failing to address or incorrectly addressing the relevant content; failing to identify or inaccurately explaining/defining key concepts/ideas; ignoring or incorrectly explaining key points/claims and the reasoning behind them; and/or incorrectly or inappropriately using terminology; and elements of the response are lacking. 30 points out of 50:  The essay illustrates a rudimentary understanding of the relevant material by mentioning but not full explaining the relevant content; identifying some of the key concepts/ideas though failing to fully or accurately explain many of them; using terminology, though sometimes inaccurately or inappropriately; and/or incorporating some key claims/points but failing to explain the reasoning behind them or doing so inaccurately.  Elements of the required response may also be lacking. 40 points out of 50:  The essay illustrates solid understanding of the relevant material by correctly addressing most of the relevant content; identifying and explaining most of the key concepts/ideas; using correct terminology; explaining the reasoning behind most of the key points/claims; and/or where necessary or useful, substantiating some points with accurate examples.  The answer is complete. 50 points:  The essay illustrates exemplary understanding of the relevant material by thoroughly and correctly addressing the relevant content; identifying and explaining all of the key concepts/ideas; using correct terminology explaining the reasoning behind key points/claims and substantiating, as necessary/useful, points with several accurate and illuminating examples.  No aspects of the required answer are missing.
Use of Sources (worth a maximum of 20% of the total points). Zero points:  Student failed to include citations and/or references. Or the student failed to submit a final paper. 5 out 20 points:  Sources are seldom cited to support statements and/or format of citations are not recognizable as APA 6th Edition format. There are major errors in the formation of the references and citations. And/or there is a major reliance on highly questionable. The Student fails to provide an adequate synthesis of research collected for the paper. 10 out 20 points:  References to scholarly sources are occasionally given; many statements seem unsubstantiated.  Frequent errors in APA 6th Edition format, leaving the reader confused about the source of the information. There are significant errors of the formation in the references and citations. And/or there is a significant use of highly questionable sources. 15 out 20 points:  Credible Scholarly sources are used effectively support claims and are, for the most part, clear and fairly represented.  APA 6th Edition is used with only a few minor errors.  There are minor errors in reference and/or citations. And/or there is some use of questionable sources. 20 points:  Credible scholarly sources are used to give compelling evidence to support claims and are clearly and fairly represented.  APA 6th Edition format is used accurately and consistently. The student uses above the maximum required references in the development of the assignment.
Grammar (worth maximum of 20% of total points) Zero points:  Student failed to submit the final paper. 5 points out of 20:  The paper does not communicate ideas/points clearly due to inappropriate use of terminology and vague language; thoughts and sentences are disjointed or incomprehensible; organization lacking; and/or numerous grammatical, spelling/punctuation errors  10 points out 20:  The paper is often unclear and difficult to follow due to some inappropriate terminology and/or vague language; ideas may be fragmented, wandering and/or repetitive; poor organization; and/or some grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors 15 points out of 20:  The paper is mostly clear as a result of appropriate use of terminology and minimal vagueness; no tangents and no repetition; fairly good organization; almost perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage. 20 points:  The paper is clear, concise, and a pleasure to read as a result of appropriate and precise use of terminology; total coherence of thoughts and presentation and logical organization; and the essay is error free.
Structure of the Paper (worth 10% of total points) Zero points:  Student failed to submit the final paper. 3 points out of 10: Student needs to develop better formatting skills. The paper omits significant structural elements required for and APA 6th edition paper. Formatting of the paper has major flaws. The paper does not conform to APA 6th edition requirements whatsoever. 5 points out of 10: Appearance of final paper demonstrates the student’s limited ability to format the paper. There are significant errors in formatting and/or the total omission of major components of an APA 6th edition paper. They can include the omission of the cover page, abstract, and page numbers. Additionally the page has major formatting issues with spacing or paragraph formation. Font size might not conform to size requirements.  The student also significantly writes too large or too short of and paper 7 points out of 10: Research paper presents an above-average use of formatting skills. The paper has slight errors within the paper. This can include small errors or omissions with the cover page, abstract, page number, and headers. There could be also slight formatting issues with the document spacing or the font Additionally the paper might slightly exceed or undershoot the specific number of required written pages for the assignment. 10 points: Student provides a high-caliber, formatted paper. This includes an APA 6th edition cover page, abstract, page number, headers and is double spaced in 12’ Times Roman Font. Additionally, the paper conforms to the specific number of required written pages and neither goes over or under the specified length of the paper.


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