ASSIGNMENT HELP | COMM 170.006 Communications Discussion Question

COMM 170.006 Communications Discussion Question

Aristotle’s Modes of Persuasion

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COMM 170.006

Summer Session II 2021

During the first portion of this class, we have spent considerable time reading about Ancient Greek rhetoric and Aristotle’s three modes of proof: ethos, pathos, and logos.

While these concepts are often paired with simple terms (ethos with credibility; pathos with emotion; logos with reason), in our discussions we’ve come to understand how these modes of proof operate on a more complex level in rhetorical appeals. In this short (2-3 page) paper, you will choose one of Aristotle’s three modes of proofs to focus on, offer your detailed interpretation of the concept, and perform a brief analysis of a text of your choice based on your interpretation.

Your paper must include:

• A short (1-2 paragraphs) introduction

o Identify the mode of proof you’re discussing, the text you’ll analyze, and a thesis statement that provides a preview of the argument to come.

• A review of the mode of proof you are discussing (1-1.5 pages). This section should consist of two parts.

o First, using Aristotle’s writing/the supplemental assigned reading that corresponds with your mode of proof, explain the concept.

o Second, in your own words, further explain the concept to give it deeper meaning. That is, how do you understand the complexity of the mode of proof you are focusing on? What resonates? What doesn’t? Taking creative risks is welcome here!

• A cursory analysis of a text of your choice (1-2 pages).

o Pick some sort of rhetorical text – a speech; a newspaper; a clip from a movie; a song; a music video; a campaign ad; a commercial… the list goes on. How is the mode of proof operating here? (Think: The examples we watched in class).

o Note: This is not to say that your text must demonstrate the mode of proof well. You can talk about how it fails to adequately cultivate ethos, pathos, or logos. What you are doing in this section is arguing that your text is rhetorical and contemplating how your mode of proof functions within that text.

• A brief conclusion (1 paragraph)

o I’m simply looking for you to restate the major elements of your paper and add any closing thoughts you might have.

All materials used should have in-text citations where appropriate and be fully cited on a works cited or bibliography page. Any citation style is acceptable, but you must adhere to the rules of that citation style.

Requirements: 4 pages | .doc file

COMM 170.006 Communications Discussion Question

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