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Our life experiences usually play a major role in determining our future course. I am fortunate to have grown up in America and I may treasure this country more than many of my fellow citizens because I was not born in this country but instead moved to it with my family from Moldova. As a result, I have greater awareness of how much life is better in America as compared to many second world and third world countries. This is why I am, particularly, motivated to work hard to create a good future for me as well as help others because there are not many countries where one has the opportunities as well as the freedom to pursue his/her dreams.

I am also fortunate to have a mother who has not imposed her own ideals on her children. My mom has always told me to get my education and do whatever I love because life is only given once and one should pursue his/her dreams instead of living how others tell him/her to. Knowing that my parents, especially my mom, will support me in pursuing my dreams inspired me to work even harder. My parents support may also be due to the fact that they specifically moved from Moldova to U.S. to provide better life to their children and it would just be a natural next step to giving your children the freedom to do whatever they want with their lives.

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While my family was certainly grateful to be in the U.S., early years were challenging due to a different culture and especially different language because not many in Moldova speak English. But we were fortunate to have a very supportive group whether neighbors or my teachers and friends in school. This support group was probably the earliest influence on me in deciding to pursue a career that will allow me to help others. My decision was further strengthened after I took a job at a physical therapy facility. It would give me immense pleasure to help people and personally witness their progress. Many would enter the facility in a weak physical and mental state but by the end of their treatment, they would be new persons with renewed joy for life.

I am excited to start a career as an occupational therapist in the healthcare industry because professionals in the healthcare industry are some of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. I do not say this just due to my own history of work in a physical therapy facility but also because almost everyone I met at work, was driven by the same passion to bring happiness to others. Similarly, when my grandfather had a stroke, the nurses that looked after him left no stone unturned to make sure my grandfather gets the best care.

I have chosen this major because I believe those who have more should also do more for the society. I may not have the resources but I can acquire tremendous knowledge resources and our country needs more and more professionals like me because people will only live longer. Thus, I have a great opportunity to help people enjoy fulfilling work and private lives. It is also my hope to inspire future generations to join the healthcare sector because a life spent helping others is truly rewarding.

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