Week 2: Strengths and Strategies, Curriculum Vitae, and Action Plan


The purpose of this assignment is to develop (a) a leadership strength-to-strategy plan, (b) a professional curriculum vitae (CV), and (c) an action plan for leadership formation. The strengths-to-strategy plan (from the Week 1 interactive) formulates a plan to guide leadership development. The CV provides the professional foundation for the DNP portfolio through documentation of professional and academic accomplishments. The action plan addresses gaps or developmental opportunities in the CV while applying strategies from the strength-to-strategy plan. The strengths-to-strategy plan, professional CV, and developmental action plan contribute to the student’s professional development of skills and competencies relevant to the DNP scholar as a leader.

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1. The assignment will include the following components:

a. One title page 

i. Title: Strengths-to-Strategy, Curriculum Vitae, and Action Plan 

ii. Format the title page as shown in the APA Paper Template in the Resources tab of Canvas and as demonstrated below:

Strengths-to-Strategy, Curriculum Vitae, and Action Plan


School: …………

NR722: ……

September Session [or applicable Session] 2020

In this assignment, You will submit One document with all three of these assignments included in the following organization:


Strengths-to-Strategy Plan

Professional Curriculum Vitae

Action Plan



Appendix: CV in Template-*******See attached template. Include it as is as an Appendix per instruction. Owner will make entry inside the CV template afterwards. So disregard the instructions for completing inside the template******

iii. Include an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.

vi. Use the following required level 1 headings:

1. Strengths-to-Strategy Plan

2. Professional Curriculum Vitae

3. Action Plan for Leadership Formation

4. Conclusion

2. Introduction (10 points)

a. Note: Do not use “Introduction” as a heading. Place the paper’s title on the first line.

b. Present a clear purpose statement.

c. Introduce the sections of the paper in a mini-outline in sentence format.

d. Establish the significance of the paper to you as a future practice scholar and DNP leader.

3. Strength-to-Strategy Plan (40 points): Complete the Week 1 Strength-to-Strategy Plan interactive exercise located in the Explore section of Week 1. Use the Strength-to-Strategy Plan interactive to provide the rough information for this section of the paper, written in a Microsoft Word document.  ******* See helpful rough information for the wk 1 strength-strategy plan interactive excercise at the end of this page to use in completing this section***** 

b. Create four (4) Level 2 headings that reflect the Week 1 interactive results

i. Leadership Strengths

1. Describe in a paragraph 3 strengths you discovered in the interactive in complete sentences.

2. Briefly explain the importance of each to your leadership development.

i. Leadership Opportunities

1. Describe in a paragraph 3 opportunities you discovered in the interactive in complete sentences.

2. Briefly explain the importance of each to your leadership development.

iii. Strategies for Turning Opportunities into Strengths

1. Describe in a paragraph 3 strategies for turning opportunities into strengths you discovered in the interactive in complete sentences.

2. Briefly explain the importance of each to your leadership development.

iv. Strategies for Leveraging Others’ Strengths

1. Describe in a paragraph 2 strategies for leveraging others’ strengths you discovered in the interactive in complete sentences.

2. Briefly explain the importance of each to your leadership development.

4. Professional Curriculum Vitae (40 points):

a. Use the required Professional CV Template  .This section of the body of the paper should introduce your CV, explain your impressions as you constructed it in the template, and note any insights or surprises you discovered. In this section, include the instructions to the reader to see the Appendix, either in the sentence or within parentheses.

**** CV Template is attached here.  Attach CV template (as is) as an Appendix after the paper.) Not- Please do not add anything in side the CV template. Owner will complete the information required  (inside) the CV template.b. The professional CV should include the following (NOTE: If there are no entries in a section, enter “None” or “N/A” but do not remove the section)***

i. Name and Contact Information

ii. Education

1. List all educational institutions attended in reverse chronological order.

2. Include date degree conferred, degree earned, institution, and location.

3. Include your DNP with the anticipated graduate date .

ii. Professional Licensure: RN licensure and APRN/Other Licenses

1. List state(s) of licensure.

2. Do not list license numbers.

ii. National Professional Certifications

1. Include the date(s) of certification, the certification name, and certifying organization.

iii. Professional Work History

1. List all employment in reverse chronological order.

2. Include ONLY dates of employment, position, institution, and location of the position held.

iv. Professional Associations and Activities

1. List dates, role, and organization.

v. Awards and Honors

1. List dates, awards, and granting organizations.

vi. Research and Grants*

1. List dates, role, title, sponsor, and monetary award.

vii. Publication: Books, Book Chapters, and Journal Articles*

1. Provide complete reference in APA format

2. Bold your name

viii. Presentations*: International, National, Regional, or Local

1. Include date, title, conference, sponsor, and city.

ix. Volunteer activities

1. Include dates, role, and organization.

x. References Available Upon Request

*There may be items in the CV that you have not done yet in your development, but it is appropriate to leave the headings and enter “None” or “N/A.” 

5. Action Plan (50 points) : Include 3 Level Two Headings with 1 paragraph each that support your leadership formation. The action plan should include the following three sections:

a. Analysis of Current CV : An analysis of your current CV, including your greatest accomplishments and what you are most proud of in your career journey.  *****May use the roguh entry below to assist with this section. 

*****In my most recent job I led a change project for improving the Utilization review process by centralizing the documentation collection location to reduce the time spent on collecting them from different locations and from different people. 

The project was successful, my organization has seen reduction in the time spent on utilization review process and increase in productivity has also been noted.  My manager was so pleased with the improvements. The chief executive officer  was also very pleased with the above accomplishment and he has requested that I select team members to form a process improvement team *****

b. Plan of Action for Strengthening CV : A plan of action for strengthening your CV by adding accomplishments to areas in which you may not have entries or have limited entries.

c. Plan of Action to Turn Opportunities into Strengths: A plan of action for using the strategies for turning your developmental opportunities into strengths noted on the Strength-to-Strategy Plan.

5. Conclusion (10 points):

a. Recaps the paper’s purpose statement and mini-outline criteria.

b. Draws major conclusions from the body of your paper.

c. Summarize the importance of professional development to you as a future practice scholar and DNP leader.

5. Writing Organization and Mechanics (10 points)

a. One document is created using the four Level 1 headings prescribed.

b. The standard CV Template is used for the CV section and placed as an Appendix.

c. Grammar and mechanics are free of errors. (Grammarly.com)

d. APA style and standard English language are used & abbreviations/ acronyms are explained.

5. You will submit one document with all sections included in the following organization:

a. Title Page

b. Introduction

c. Strengths-to-Strategy Plan

d. Professional Curriculum Vitae

e.  Action Plan for Leadership Formation

f. Conclusion

g. References (if used)

h. Appendix*

The document below if the item referenced on # 3 above. ****Please use the rough info  below to assist in completing the #3 section per the instruction.

Strengths-to-Strategy Plan

Leadership Strengths

Servant leader: Having the responsibilities of service to others and recognize that the role of organizations is to create people who can build a better tomorrow. Strengths-based leader: I strive to empower workers’ strengths rather than identify problems. Task-oriented leader: I would spend time to explain expectations and I reward good performance, correct departures from expectations, and I would attempt to prevent future problems.

Leadership Opportunities

1. Unmasking my weakness 2. Learning from my failures 3. Appreciate feedbacks. 4. Listen to those with more experience 5. Refuse to settle for mediocrity

Turning Opportunities into Strengths

1. Understanding my leadership style will opens the door for building managerial skills in harmony with my true nature. With a sense of where I fall in leadership style categories, I will be better equipped to develop leadership skills. 2. Setting concrete goals and executing them. Formulating the right plan and setting meaningful benchmarks along the way gives me a map to follow, a methodology that will guide me through my tasks. 3. Admit when I fail and move on. When I recognize an error, I should admit it openly and take action to correct it. I should be open about your failures; discuss them with myself/with your team and earn from them. 

Leveraging Others’ Strengths

Listening to those that I work with and examining and adopting their good skills/strengths that I may lack. Being supportive and engaging with others.

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