reflection about color theory class

here is a Course Description:

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This course is an exploration of the element of color, its properties and its impact on art and design. The course investigates hue, value and intensity, and examines how color relates to its surroundings. Color temperature and psychology will also be explored. (3)


Transferable Skills

Students will be required to reflect on the semester’s coursework and submit a written report that describes how the following skills have been acquired and how they will be transferred into future practice.


  • self-discipline, personal initiative, and motivation
  • healthy competitiveness, commitment, and diligence

Analytical skills

  • strong observational skills & acute visual discrimination
    • sensitivity to effects of color
  • knowledge of meaning in visual objects and visual language through an awareness of social and historical context
  • unique and creative approaches to problem-solving

Project & Community skills

  • achieve finite solutions from open instructions
    • alternatively, follow detailed instructions for complex, multi-step tasks
  • assessment of needs to achieve outcomes
    • organization of workspace environment
    • prioritize and organize a range of tasks
    • patience through long-term projects
  • assessing and appreciating novel conclusions
  • openness to experimentation and risk-taking
    • ability to learn from miscalculations
    • ability to explain ideas, motivations behind decisions, and impact of decisions on outcomes
    • ability to defend decisions
    • openness to criticism
  • adherence to quality control in detail and the whole
  • quality control; unwillingness to settle for sub-par results

Communication & Presentation skills

  • use visual forms to represent concrete and abstract ideas
  • verbally express aesthetic responses, in both oral communication and writing
    • use correct visual terminology, verbally and in writing
  • professionally present physical objects, physically and digitally
    • attention to detail and the organic whole
  • self-awareness & self-assurance


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