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Every written piece has its own purpose of being written; and somehow, Plato’s work on Apology presents a distinct pattern of idea that identifies with the real value of apology and how it is affected by the emergence of personal bearing that the apology has on the people involved in it. Hence, to critique the work of Plato requires a definite understanding on the part of what actually is apology, based on the thinking and ideas of other philosophers surrounding the said matter. Their desire present a definite pattern of explanation on how apology is created, why it is established and how it is accepted by the ones on the other end of the conversation makes the ideas of these philosophers applicable enough in determining one of the most important issues that is presented to the world today which relates to the careful considerations over human relationships.

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To support the critical evaluation needed for this particular presentation, the aspects of ethos, logos and pathos shall be considered accordingly. First is the determination of the aspect of ethos and how Plato’ writing presents a distinct indication on how arguments regarding apology and its considerable relation to the improvement of human connections have been presented by Plato, especially as he points out the differences of ideas that other philosophers have in consideration to his own personal thinking which he has strongly based on rational explanations.

The aspect of ethos shall also be given attention to, in a way that Plato intends to relate to his readers through using their own personal understanding of apology and how it affects them fully. Most often than not, it could be realized that the assumption of good distinction between personal and suggested opinion affects the overall thinking of an individual; Plato uses fully of this option as he provides the readers with a convincing presentation of what is assumed to be his personal understanding of the situation.

Pathos, the relative connection to human emotion, has been also used by Plato, but in a much controlled manner. Notably, the presentation of reactions on how the people ought to give attention to apology and the values of human basics it gives much consideration to is understood and presented by Plato in a way that he aims to get the positive perception from his readers, therefore helping them take the option of whether or not to consider apology as something necessary and important in establishing human relationships.

Based on the explanation on how the writing of Plato would be reviewed and critiqued herein, it would be safe to assume that the best path to take is the one that presents the ideal insistence of what logical understanding implies on what value apology actually holds in human relationships. The distinct comparisons that Plato used between his own ideas and that of his fellow philosophers does create a definite indication on what the Philosopher is trying to point out as well as what he is trying to measure in relation to the issue he is aiming to present.

Logical indications of facts and the distinct consideration over the real value of argumentation is used by Plato as he tries to strengthen his claims and explanations about apology and how it establishes human relationships. Explaining why this aspect of behavior is needed and how it intends to improve human connections does imply on what good assumption of relationships could actually provide a more distinct insistence on how apology marks the real essence of being human. Through relating what is apology and what it takes for one to give and for one to ask for an apology, Plato creates a particular pattern of understanding among his readers that allows them to scale his way of thinking with others as well.  Distinctively, logic is often used by philosophers, such as Plato, in their writing for the sake of showing readers the pros and cons of the issues they present. As if letting the readers decide on how they are going to view the matter, philosophers such Plato do utilize logical explanation to challenge the thinking of their readers as they are being helped to see the matters in the eyes of the author through the use of their own understanding.

To formally critique the writing of Plato, it is important to note that his approach to the matter is more on convincing readers that when it comes to discussing the matter of apology, people should be more concerned about what value apology actually holds in their relationship with others. Only defining the basic truths about the situations that he aims to hold on to, Plato tries to convince his readers that apology is something that needs to be real and not based on opinionated perceptions alone. Without the emotions and the distinct realization of what human nature is, apology would hold weak to almost no ground at all especially in defining human relations.

The work of Plato could be considered successful in transcending the message it hopes to establish among readers. Nevertheless, concentrating on the argumentation between the thoughts and explanations he has in connection with that of the thinking pattern of his fellow philosophers seem to have increased the value of competition in the writing, rather than focusing on the issue itself. While this may be obvious, the pattern of conviction that Plato applied in the writing does create a well-defined distinction on how apology is suggested to have a definite impact on determining what good human relationships are all about and how they ought to be handled accordingly especially when conflicts arise.

The use of logos and the concentration dedicated to identifying how it specifically affects the value of the overall writing of Plato is successful enough to redeem the message of the author on his writing. The examination of the rational thinking of Plato and how he intended to make a definite turn on how people ought to be much affected by the issues of apology and forgiveness, gives the whole presentation of ideas rather convincing and valuable for all the ages of human individuals as they embrace the distinct worth of relationships they share with others.

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