Nutrient Brochure Project


1. Students will create an original tri-fold brochure about an assigned nutrient

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2. Brochure should be designed suitable for use in a doctor’s office to inform patients

3. Information should be specific and detailed

4. Students must be able to explain all information contained in the brochure

a. Do not include information you do not understand – research and learn about your nutrient

5. Students should ensure they are using valid websites and resources. I encourage you to begin with the following


a. http://www.choosemyplate.gov/

b. http://ods.od.nih.gov/

c. US Dept Health Human Services

d. ATI Nutrition Book

e. CDC Nutrition https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/index.html

f. USDA nutrition.gov

6. All information must be properly cited (APA) APA citation page is separate from brochure


8. Saving Project

a. Students will save both their Brochure & citation page

b. File Names will have the following format: nutrient name NURS109 & nutrient name NURS109APA

9. Each group will present their brochure to class during the assigned week for credit.

Requirements: (Use attached Sample Brochure as a guide, but follow requirements)

1. Cover:

a. Nutrient name

b. Slogan- “Original & catchy” specific to that nutrient

c. Picture of Nutrient or food which is the “best” source of nutrient

d. Group # and McKinley NURS 109 WI 2020https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/index.html

2. Inside Left Panel:

a. List of reasons nutrient is important for the body

3. Inside Middle Panel:

a. Foods that contain a significant source of this nutrient (Labeled pictures)

4. Inside Right Panel:

a. Interesting facts about this nutrient

5. Inside “Cover”

a. What happens when the body gets either too little OR too much

b. Symptoms of Deficiency OR Over Consumption

6. Back of Pamphlet

a. Student initials (all group members)

b. APA Citations (a separate citation page may be attached to the brochure)

*All students must use professionalism and collaboration. Each group member will receive the same grade. If Instructor is involved is any

dispute, all group members will receive a “0” for the assignment.

NAME:_______________________________ NURS 109 WI 2020 Total_____/ 50 Points %

RUBRIC 20 16 12 8

Content Accuracy All Content is accurate and contains no Errors

Most of the content is accurate , few to no errors

Some of the content is accurate with some errors

Significant content errors

Contents Requirements

Contains all content requirements

Most of the content requirements are met

A few of the content requirements are missing

Significant requirements are missing

Content Knowledge

Shows an expert/full understanding of the topic. Covers the topic in-depth with significant details & examples

Shows a good understanding of the topic. Includes essential knowledge with several details & examples

Shows a basic understanding of the topic. Includes basic knowledge with few details and examples

Show very little understanding of the topic. Included little to no details or examples

Organization Information is very well organized with care for the details.

Information is organized.

Information is organized but not well-constructed.

Information is disorganized or poorly constructed.

Originality Product shows a large amount of original thought. Message is clear, creative and exceptionally eye catching.

Product shows some original thought. Message is clear and attractive.

Product shows little evidence of original thought. Message is less clear or eye catching.

Product shows no evidence of original thought and is not eye catching. Message is unclear.

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