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Based on your reading of Jeff Kingston’s Japan in Transformation, 1945-2010 2nd Edition, the articles listed below, and the video, Japan’s About Face, https://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/video/japans-about-face-video-full-episode/1641/ (Links to an external site.)

please answer the following questions in a 3-5 page paper. Please note that the video is presented in seven segments, totaling about 50 minutes. You will need to click on each one individually. Before you can click on the video you will be asked if PBS is your local station; you should answer yes.

  • Which domestic and foreign policy concerns constrain Japan from reevaluating the role of the Self-Defense Force?
  • What domestic and foreign policy factors are leading Japan to reassess its pacifist identity?

Late papers are downgraded one half grade per day. No papers will be accepted after Friday, May 21st at 11:59 pm for any reason.

This is not a research paper, so please use the specified sources, which can be found in the module on the paper assignment. The video should be cited in parentheses after the quoted passage with the time from the specific frame. ( Japan’s About Face, PBS 2008 00:52). Citations of the text and articles require a specific page number. The correct way to cite each source is listed after each reference. The sources can be found in the paper assignment module.

Kenneth B. Pyle, “The Sea Change in Japanese Foreign Policy,” NBR Analysis Brief, June 17, 2014, 1-2. (Pyle 2017, page)

Michael Green and Jeffrey W. Hornun, “Ten Myths about Japan’s Collective Self-Defense Change,” The Diplomat, July 10, 2014. (Green and Hornun 2014, page)

Michael Auslin, “Japan’s New Realism,” Foreign Affairs, March/April 2016. (Auslin 2016, page)

Marta Ross, “Japan’s Security Policy Reform: Institutional Changes Facilitating a Larger Role in Regional Security,” March 2017 (Ross 2017, page)

Sheila Smith, “How Japan Is Upgrading Its Military,” February 24, 2021 https://www.cfr.org/in-brief/how-japan-upgrading-its-military (Links to an external site.) (Smith 2021).

Proper Citation

Be sure to cite the text each time you quote from it. The author and page number should be cited in (Larus 2020, p. 12) after the punctuation mark.

You should not cite more than 1-2 pages at a time in any one reference, since you must refer to a specific point in the text. Ex: (Larus 2020, 42-43) is fine, but (Larus 2020, 42-52) is not.

You can never have too many references to the book or the film, but not citing the material properly will reduce your grade substantially.

If you use the author’s exact words, you must use a direct quote. This should only occur for short passages of 1-2 sentences. Ex:

Elizabeth Larus explains that “For Mao, it was not merely a question of adapting Marxism, but sinicizing it—giving it Chinese characteristics by enriching it with elements drawn from China’s experience.” (Larus 2020, p 48).

If you paraphrase (restate the author’s point in your own word), you still have to cite the specific passage in the text.

Ex: Elizabeth Larus explains that Mao blended Marxism with elements of Chinese experience. (Larus 2020, p. 48)

All papers will be checked for proper citation and plagiarism. Students who do not cite the material they use properly should expect to lose at least half their grade. Students who plagiarize a paper (see syllabus for details) will fail the course.

for the first paper i got F and my professor’s comment was that “This paper is too general and it doesn’t seem like you watched much beyond the beginning of the film. The only event you discuss is the civil war and you needed to bring in the text on the events. Other events that should have been discussed included the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. The costs and benefits required much more elaboration and there should have been a separate conclusion.
Chinese names are written last name first so Zhang is Yimou’s last name and you should cite the name as Zhang Yimou or Zhang”

second paper i got that comment from her again , “Some good points on question 2 but you needed to discuss the positive impact of technology more specifically. Question1 lacks discussion of the political obstacles ex: restrictions on environmental NGOs, reliance of local govts on tax revenues from polluting factories. Question 3 is confused. First you needed to discuss rural-urban inequality from the text and then establish the impact of the environment on this inequality. In the water diversion project, for example, rural residents are resettled so that water can flow to northern urban areas. Urban residents see some improvements while rural residents bear the costs, which is a big contradiction considering that rural people were responsible for communist victory in the country.”

so put that in mind please.

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