HOMEWORK HELP | Ethics and Legal Services in Human Services, Essay Example

Question 1: Shift in policy access to patient records

The shift enhancing patients’ access to their records/files in my opinion is commendable. In an age where there is so much malpractice among professionals it is time that transparency be maintained regarding documented care offered to  clients. When files are accessible to clients, confidence is restored or built because professionals rendering care are made accountable for irregularities.

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My response to a client who requests to view his/her records is to make it available. This new policy would prohibit me from refusing to allow the client access to files. Conse3quently my responsemust be professional realizing that refusal could culminate in a law suit. Also, I would have to show no resentment in following through with the request. Resentment is indicative of the professional’s desire to hide something from the client. It also projects a suspicion, which detects unprofessional behavior.

Question 2: Informed consent

From my perspective the importance of informed consent relates to a client’s permission for services to be rendered or information disclosed. In some intuitions providers just give clients the paper to sign without explaining what theyare giving consent for. In my point of view this is unethical and violation of human rights.Definitely, it is both insufficient and inappropriate to merely give a client the form without relating the details of its contents.

For example, some clients are not proficient in English if the consent is required in that language. In trying to culturally adapt to the client’s literacy needs during the consent signing process no betrayals would occur. When the process is ill-defined clients ultimately feel that their trust was violated being forced into singing for services they did not knowingly agree, to receiving.

Question 3: Issues of confidentiality

Issues of confidentiality could differ among groups die to cultural differences. For example, the concept has diverse meanings among cultures. A specific example relates to the American perception of confidentiality. People would go on Facebook or public media and report sexual abuse. It is quite alright for them to do so. However, a person from the Caribbean may see this as very confidential and would never disclose that information on such a forum.

Consequently, in addressing this issue it is always safe to ask the client if it would be alright to disclose the information to anyone. Besides, when interacting with groups, professionals ought to take a cultural competence test to learn about different cultures and how they interpret confidentiality.

Question 4: Tommy Ten-Peg and best friend visit

While it is appropriate for my best friend to visit me at my office, upon meeting her acquaintance Tommy Ten-Peg she cannot be encouraged to discuss him/her with me. Similarly, Icannot discuss Tommy ten-Peg with my best friend. The response to my best friend’s question could be as professional as possible. First the answer could be evaded by pretending that I did not hear or understand what was asked.

Another strategy is to let my best friend know that it would be unethical to discuss my client ‘s visit with her. A further technique would be to askbest friend if she were in my position or Tommy Ten-Peg’s how she would have responded. Based on her feedback a confirmation would be made regarding the ethics of disclosing any information about my client to a third party without permission.

Question 1: Five foundation moral principles

Moral principles are often applied interchangeably to mean ethics. However, experts contend that morality is actually the foundational of ethics in society or any discipline. The five major principles of morality that influence ethical decision making consist of upholding  human dignity,  providing equal opportunities  to all humans,  executing the right to freedom of speech,  and expressing compassion to persons in distress.

Respect for human dignity revolves around discrimination due to color of one’s skin, cultural heritage or social status. This principle of moral standard has been used in determining workplace culture. Some organizations deliberately hire and promote persons of their ethnic similarity. Alternatively they design reasons to prevent others from entering their group. This is a violation of human dignity, especially, if the client is as qualified for the position as the ones ultimately hired or promoted.

Question 2: Ethical dilemma

Ethical dilemmas occur in many institutions when decisions have to be made between clients and professionals.. For example, nurses are expected to enhance and promote life. However, when the same nurses are asked to cooperate with doctors in mercy killing by withdrawing treatment and administering medications that promote death, an ethical dilemma becomes evident.

Six important stepscould be taken to address an ethical dilemma as cited here. It begins with determing the conflict of issue, identifying the key values involved and reverting to the ethical principles embodying the situation. This must be followed by development of a plan to resolve the issue, discussing and implementing the strategies. The final step is  reflecting on how successfulthe plan worked in helping providers realize that their request created ethical  an dilemma.

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