Choose one of the following discussion question options to answer in your initial post. Please review the Discussion Rubric for detailed requirements of your posts.

Follow the Discussion Rubric Guidelines. Support your initial response post with a full-text, peer-reviewed nursing journal article published within the last five years. 

Option 1:  How Can Health Care Workers Inspire Patients?

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We hear a lot of horror stories in health care. A middle-aged man sits in a waiting room for four hours without getting attention. A medication error harms an elderly woman. A child dies because his condition was not properly relayed up a chain of command.

What about when a patient has a great experience? Why don’t we hear those stories? This is one of those stories.

Please watch this video and answer the questions below:

Option 1 Questions (answer all):

1. Have you or a loved one ever been in the hospital because of an injury or an illness? Even as an RN, did you or your loved one understand everything the clinicians said to you? If not, what hindered your understanding and what could have helped you in that situation?

2. How did Melba, Luis, and Julie all contribute to a better patient experience for Gilbert?

3. How can you contribute to a better experience for your patients?

4. Gilbert believes Melba, Luis, and Julie represent what the face of health care should look like. What do you want your health care system to look like? How is your ideal different than what you typically see?

5. Like Gilbert, are you passionate about the work you do? Why or why not?

Option 2: What If We Gave Patients the Skills and Knowledge to Care for Themselves?

Long wait times in emergency departments can create problems for patients, clinicians, the hospital, and the delivery of health care.  Giving underinsured or uninsured patients the skills (and the option) to care for themselves can be an innovative solution. Healthcare providers have the potential to utilize perhaps the most natural resource available, which is human potential.

Please watch this video and answer the questions below:

Option 2 Questions (answer all):

1. Dr. Bhavan said this program was developed out of the hospital’s need for more beds. Do you think it benefits the patients, too? How?

2. What was your reaction to hearing that patients learned to hang IV fluids on a coat hanger? Do you think that creative, inexpensive solutions such as this should be used more often in health care? Why or why not?

3. Why do you think that patients who treated themselves at home had a lower readmission rate than patients treated in the hospital?

4. Dr. Bhavan said that the program was developed for patients who were uninsured or underinsured. Do you think this program should be offered to all patients, regardless of their insurance status? Why or why not?

5. How is this story an example of person- and family-centered care?

Option 3. What Does Coordinated Care Look Like?

Coordinated patient- and family-centered care should be the goal for every patient, every time. Coordinated care can result in the best outcome for the patient and less cost to the health system. 

Please watch this video and answer the questions below:

Option 3 Questions (answer all):

1. Which components of the system – more specifically, which participants and technologies – played a role in helping the patient get better?

2. Which care provider do you think played the most important role in the positive patient outcome? Please explain. Did they all contribute equally? Why or why not?

3. How was the mother using improvement science to help control her son’s asthma? Why was that important to the story?

4. According to Dr. Berwick, what would have happened to the boy if the care had been uncoordinated? Do you agree? Why or why not?

5. Have you ever witnessed a similar example of excellent coordinated care? What happened?

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