Assignment is based in a Nurse family practitioner job interview for a full time position as a palliative nurse practitioner

Assignment is based in a Nurse family practitioner job interview for a full time position  as a palliative nurse practitioner  

Answer the following questions in your WRITTEN STATEMENT: 

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1. Tell me about yourself; please include years of experience as a nurse and your previous work history. 5 points 

9 years as hospice and palliative  nurse ( use your imagination? 

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Please describe plans for education and career advancement in the near future 

       Working as a family practitioner in miami or south florida ( any where,) hopefully on my own practice  ( doing what? Use your imagination) 

10 points 

3. What are your career aspirations? Obtain a doctor degree in family practice, develop of a palliative care consultant team,  teach in University ( plus make it wonder ! Use your imagination) 

4. How do you handle stress in the healthcare setting? 10 points 

Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel , that light is my patients wellbeing , utilizing the Dr hunter “patch”Adams patient model holistic care . Walking 5 milles monday to friday outddor    

5. What clinical skills do you possess that will be most beneficial to this clinical practice? 10 points 

 (please use your imagination) 

6. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 10 points 

(please use your imagination) 

7. Describe how you handled a difficult situation that has involved a patient, physician or family member?  10 points 

( please use your imagination) 

8. How do you get along with your staff at your current position? 10 points 

(please use your imagination) 

9. Why should we hire you? 10 points 

(Please use your imagination) 

10. What salary are you seeking? 10 points 

Discussed the salary based on pay rate area , let open the discussion to accept or refused opcions .looking for full time fixed minimun salary with differents rate for weekend and on call nights ( use tyour imagination) 

A. What is proper etiquette for a job interview?  

B. What’s “good behavior” in a behavioral job interview? 

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