Alliance One International Tobacco

The report is aimed at demystifying the world’s second largest leaf tobacco merchant and agro-processing company which has since diversified it portfolio to also integrate other areas of economic development in non-tobacco products such as agricultural financing and also agronomy training. The company is well known of its robust structure and can be said to enjoy managerial economies of scale all looking at various operational aspects such as Operations.
Legal, Finance, Marketing but most importantly the human resources aspect of the company is of paramount importance. However like any other business the company is also facing uphill challenges predominantly in its Human resources area especially issues to do with performance management faced by alliance one international. The second issue is about training and development. This is followed by the issue of occupational health and safety and integration of all operations and people involved in them including using tried and tested HER systems such as change management.
The objective of this report is basically to apply the HER systems such as change management skills to manage the organizations through a case study of. The report consists of overview of including the organizational structure, mission and vision . Alliance one International was founded in 2005 as a result of a merger between two USA based multinational tobacco merchants STANTON or Standard Commercial Tobacco Company and IDIOM Incorporated both world leaders in the leaf processing and merchant industry.

As a result of this merger the end result was that of the creation of the world’s second largest leaf merchant business after Universal Leaf Corporation. The report will look t the change management theory and its implementation in addition to demystifying the 3 HER concerns in the company The company traces its history and to the late 1800 with the formation of Dibbers- brothers which was a small time family company in the USA which prospered due to demand of the leaf tobacco domestically and also through foreign trade.
Another firm to Join the grab’. Y train in 1907 was Monk Austin which soon made its name in the leaf the STANTON which was more diversified as it had a wool division among other commodities with tobacco being its cash cow unit as it would contribute meaningfully o the overall company results. In 1995 the two companies Dibbers-brothers and Monk Austin agreed to merge resulting in the creation of IDIOM incorporated which again took over INTAKE tobacco worldwide operations which was the world’s fourth largest merchant in 1997.

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