1. Statement of the Phenomenon of Interest

August 10, 2020 pg. 18


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1. Statement of the Phenomenon of Interest a. What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader? b. What is the justification for using a qualitative method? c. What are the philosophical underpinnings of the research method?

2. Purpose a. What is the purpose of the study and does it match the study design? b. Is the research question/purpose congruent with a qualitative approach? c. Was the existing literature on the topic reviewed and discussed?

3. Method and Sampling a. Is the method used to collect data compatible with the purpose of the research and

adequate to the phenomenon of interest?

b. If a particular approach is used to guide the inquiry, does the researcher complete the study according to the processes described?

c. What type of sampling is used? Is it appropriate given the particular method and phenomenon of interest?

4. Data Collection a. Is data collection focused on the human experience? b. Does the researcher describe data collection strategies and procedures (ie.

interview, observation, field notes, transcriptions) and human subject protection?

c. Is saturation of the data described? Was it achieved? Why or why not?

5. Data Analysis a. What strategies are used to analyze the data and do they remain true to the data? b. Does the reader follow the steps described for data analysis? c. Were manual methods used to index and organize the data, or was a computer

program used?

6. Credibility a. Do the participants recognize the experience as their own? b. Has adequate time been allowed to fully understand the phenomenon? c. What evidence did the report provide that the analysis is accurate and replicable?

7. Auditability a. Can the reader follow the researcher’s thinking? b. Does the researcher document the research process?

8. Fittingness a. Are the findings appropriate outside of the study situation?

August 10, 2020 pg. 19

b. Are the results meaningful to individuals not involved in the research? c. Is the strategy used for analysis compatible with the purpose of the study?

9. Findings a. Are the findings presented within a context and is the reader able to comprehend

the essence of the experience from the report of the findings?

b. Does the researcher place the report in the context of what is already known about the phenomenon, including existing literature on the topic?

c. What major themes or processes emerged? If excerpts from the data are provided, do the themes appear to capture the meaning of the narratives? Are they true to

the data?

10. Conclusions, Implications and Recommendations a. Do the conclusions, implications and recommendations give the reader a context

in which to use the findings and are they significant to nursing?

b. How has the researcher made explicit the significance of the study to and implications for nursing theory, research or clinical practice?

c. Did the report discuss any study limitations and their possible effects on the credibility of the results or on interpretations of the data?

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