This is NOT a Research Project but a Quality Improvement Project 

TOPIC: Impact of Medication Administration Errors on 3-4-Year-old Leukemia Patients 

This week’s post will focus on the second part of Chapter One. Address each area with at least five concise sentences for each section. Spelling and grammar will be reviewed and graded. Note: When you write the chapters, adhere to the Proposal Paper requirements.

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Chapter One, Part Two: Significance of the Project: This section identifies and describes the significance of the project and the implications of the potential results based on the clinical questions and problem statement. It describes how the project fits within and will contribute to the current literature or the clinical site practice. It describes potential practical applications from the project.

Rational for Methodology: Compare why the quantitative methodology is appropriate for the DPI project by comparing it to another research methodology.

Nature of the Design: Compare why the quasi-experimental design is the most appropriate for the DPI by comparing it to at least one other research design.

Definition of Terms (with citations) This section Defines any words that may be unknown to a lay person (words with unusual or ambiguous means or technical terms) from the evidence or literature. Include terms such as clinical significancestatistical significance, and words not normally understood by the lay person.

Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations (s): This section identifies the assumptions and specifies the limitations, as well as the delimitations, of the project.

Summary: This section summarizes the key points of Chapter One and provides supporting citations for those key points. It then provides a transition discussion to Chapter Two, followed by a description of the remaining chapters.

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