Sample Nursing Essay on Philosophy in Nursing

Philosophy in Nursing

Nursing is one of the most energy-consuming and stressful professions. It requires dedication and utmost commitment as it involves the care of other humans. Among healthcare professionals, nurses spend the most time with patients, which makes qualities such as effective interpersonal relationships, empathy, communication skills, and cultural diversity important in this career. Nurses also act as patient advocates by helping patients understand their health status and communicate their needs to the rest of the healthcare team.

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Personal Beliefs

I believe in prioritizing the needs of the patients, maintaining honesty, integrity, and promoting human dignity through my service. This concept aligns the nursing codes of conduct that focus on protecting the patient’s dignity (American Nurses Association, 2015). I also believe in maintaining professionalism when dealing with patients to ensure that they feel comfortable and can rely on my expertise. My definition of nursing is based an individual’s willingness to provide holistic care to patients with the aim of improving the health status of the individual. In nursing, a client is any person who requires assistance from the nurse or other healthcare providers to promote their physical or emotional well-being. I believe that nursing can be practiced in any environment, including communities, homes, nursing care facilities, or clinical settings, as long as the equipment required for a procedure are present. The nursing profession requires individuals who are committed to caring for others while collaborating with other healthcare professionals. Collaboration in this field promotes the provision of holistic care, which addresses all the needs of the patient.

Nursing as a Career

My interest in nursing began during a holiday at my aunt’s place while I was in middle school. She was a nurse and was committed to caring for her patients. I learned about the different roles played by the nurse and developed an interest in the profession. A few years afterward, while being assessed at a hospital, the nurse assigned to me was attentive and ensured that I understood the instructions that I had been given before leaving the hospital. After that, I was convinced that nursing was a fulfilling career because of its connection with care provision. My professional goals include becoming an expert in my field, using advanced technology in the nursing field to promote better care provision and fasten the recovery of patients, and develop effective interpersonal skills. I would also like to focus on continuous education and advance my studies in nursing.

Some of the roles and responsibilities that nurses have included advocacy, which entails making decisions based on the patient’s interests and acting as a bridge between the patient and the healthcare team. Other responsibilities include honoring the beliefs of the patient during care provision, promoting patient safety through the implementation of proper care procedures, and participating in community education (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). I will provide safe and effective care through my nursing profession by ensuring that I maintain continuous communication with the patient from the point of assessment to discharge from the care plan, adhering to professional guidelines on nursing procedures and the knowledge obtained from nursing training. My academics play a crucial role in preparing me for the nursing profession as it equips me with skills and evidence-based knowledge that I can use in clinical practice. My academics will help me to offer my patients and colleagues with quality services, which will strengthen the faith of patients towards health care systems.

The nursing profession is designed to provide diversified care, promote the health of the population, and increase patient satisfaction. Nurses are responsible for promoting the safety of their patients, providing them with proper care, and enhancing the well-being of communities around them. My nursing education will be instrumental in ensuring that I offer quality services to my patients.


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