*Explain about the philosophy of caring and the theory of caritative caring. Minimum of 150 words.

*Dr. Patricia Benner categorized nursing into five levels of capabilities. Mention them and explain in 150 words or more.

*Explain how Dorothea Orem’s theory can be applied to you daily nursing profession?  Minimum of 150 words.

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*Sally, a nurse for community mental health is caring for 3 clients today. First, she meets Sam. Sam has been admitted to a psychiatric unit with a diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia. Sally provides Sam with appropriate interventions to help stabilize his condition, monitors his compliance with medication and conducts therapy sessions. Explain in 200 words.

 1. Sally is using what level of prevention according to the Neuman Systems Model?

 2. Give a few examples of nursing actions using Tertiary preventions as interventions. 

*Explain Imogene King’s theory and how does it applies to your nursing profession? Minimum of 150 words

*Explain Martha Roger’s Theory, name it, and how does it apply to your nursing practice? Explain minimum of 150 words.

*How can Dorothy Johnson’s Theory of Behavioral System can be applied to your nursing practice? Explain in 150 words.

*Explain Transcultural Nursing by Madeleine Leininger  and how can you apply it to your nursing practice?

 *Explain the role the selected nursing theory Rosemarie Rizzo Parse has/had in the evolution of healthcare. Explain minimum of 150 words

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