Case study grading rubric

Assigned case studies (two for this course): Worth 20 points each

Each student will be assigned to complete two case studies throughout the course. See D2L document with Case Study assignment.

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Case studies will be graded according to the following grading rubric:

Score earnedCriteria To Earn Score
20 points1) Posting demonstrates application and synthesis* of material.2) Posting is accurate and paraphrased in student’s own words,3) Posting thoroughly addresses the case study question(s).4) Textbook citation and reference is required (including page numbers) in APA format.5) Attached Active Learning Template: Medication – for the medication listed in case study to posting in D2L
* pulls together multiple concepts from the assigned reading and applies to unique situation
10 points1) Posting demonstrates minimal knowledge of material2) Posting is accurate and may contain direct quotes3) Posting briefly addresses the case study question(s)4) Textbook citation and/or reference is missing5) Missing Active Learning Template: Medication
0 points1) Posting fails to demonstrate nursing knowledge2) Posting is not accurate3) Posting is not complete4) Textbook citation and/or reference is missingOR is submitted 1 week after the assignment due date

Case Study #2 Flagyl

A 32-year-old female patient is started on metronidazole (Flagyl) for treatment of a trichomonas vaginal infection.

What should you teach her prior to taking Flagyl?

What assessment data is critical to collect prior to collect prior to initiation of Flagyl therapy?

What are the priority collaborative problems that you must consider for patients taking Flagyl?

Discuss nursing interventions and rationales for patients receiving Flagyl.

What are the most common adverse reactions, drug-to-drug, and drug-food/herbal interactions with Flagyl?

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