Be able to define these terms: Know these people and their theories/research:

Fall 2019 PSYN 603

Exam 1 Study Guide

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Be able to define these terms: Know these people and their theories/research:

Mechanism DesCartes

Reductionism Locke

Determinism Gall

Empiricism Helmholtz

Positivism Fechner

Materialism Wundt

Tabula Rasa Titchener

Introspection Darwin

Apperception Galton

Stimulus Error Spencer

Questionnaire Method James

Morgan’s Canon Calkins

Social Darwinism Wooley

Stream of Consciousness Hollingworth

Pragmatism Hall

Recapitulation Theory Cattell

Mental Tests Binet

Intelligence Quotient Goodenough



Be able to describe:

The Mind-Body Problem (DesCartes)

Mediate vs Immediate Experience (Wundt)

Tridimensional Theory of Feelings (Wundt)

Nonsense Syllables and Memory (Ebbinghaus)

Theory of Emotions (James)

Three Part Self (James)

Mental Testing (Cattell)

School Psychology (Witmer)

Industrial-Organizational Psychology (Scott)

Hawthorne Studies

Be able to discuss:

The Approaches of Wundt vs Titchener

Key Components of Darwin’s theory

Structuralism vs Functionalism

Practical Psychology and the Mental Testing Movement

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