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Objective: This assignment, in accordance with
undergraduate academic endeavors provides an opportunity to evaluate
assimilation of course topics evaluated research and critical thinking skills.

Type: This assignment consists of a research-analysis
paper of at least four pages in length,
(This page count does not include a title page, abstract
(optional), table of contents (optional), Reference listing page(s), or
end-notes page(s) (if used)). The source material should result primarily from
self-led research of the required texts and readings from this course. This paper should have approximately four pages of content which are the written
results of your research efforts.

Topic: Research and analyze two operations that utilized national
security or military counterintelligence (either offensive or defensive
functions). What were the specific challenges to counterintelligence for each
operation? Compare and contrast how counterintelligence measures changed over
the time periods of the operations. Example time periods may include early
American history to WWI, WWI to WWII, WWII, the Cold War, the post-Cold
War/pre-9/11 era, post-9/11, etc. Finally, put the operation and the lessons
learned within the context of how it may have influenced the development of the
current U.S. National Counterintelligence Strategy of 2016.

Format: Your paper requires a Title page,
citations, and a References list. Your paper should be in the Chicago style.

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