1. Discuss the different types of micronutrients and their function in the body.

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Week 2 discussion

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1. Discuss the different types of micronutrients and their function in the body. Choose two micronutrients and discuss the signs and symptoms of toxicity and deficiency for each nutrient. What disease process would cause toxicity and deficiencies for both nutrients? Use evidence from one scholarly source other than your textbook or ATI book to support your answer. Use APA Style to cite your source.

2. Respond to one of the following case studies by Wednesday at 11:59pm. Then, of the two (2) required reply posts to your peers, you must post one response to a peer who did the other case study you did by Sunday at 11:59pm. So, you will still have at least 3 posts for this discussion prompt. Use evidence from one scholarly source other than your textbook or ATI book to support your answer. Use APA Style to cite your source.

 Case Study 1:  Tonya

Tonya is 5′ 3″ tall, weighs 151 pounds, and is 38 years old. Her waist circumference is 37″. Her life is busy but sedentary. She simply does not have the time or energy to stay with an exercise program after working all day as a receptionist and caring for her two socially active children. She would like to lose about 20 pounds but knows dieting doesn’t work for her—all the diets she has tried in the past have left her hungry and feeling deprived. Losing weight has taken on greater importance since her doctor told her that both her blood pressure and glucose levels are at “borderline” high levels.

· What is her BMI? (show actual calculation)

· According to her BMI, activity level, and lifestyle, what health disparities is Tonya at risk for?

· Develop an evidence-based educational plan to help Tonya meet her 20 lb. weight loss goal. Consider her activity and lifestyle.

Case Study 2: Bill

 Bill is a 45-year-old bachelor who eats a grab-and-go breakfast, eats all of his lunches out, and has takeout or “something easy” for dinner. Bill’s doctor is concerned that his blood pressure is progressively rising with every office visit and has advised him to cut out the salt to lower his sodium intake. Bill rarely uses salt from a saltshaker and is unsure what else he can do to lower his sodium intake.

typical day’s intake for Bill.

Breakfast: Black coffee, 2 jelly doughnuts

Midmorning snacks: Black coffee, cookies

Lunch: 2 fast-food tacos with tortilla chips and salsa or a 6-in cold cut submarine with potato chips, cola

Midafternoon snacks: Candy Bar

Dinner: If takeout, Chinese food, or pizza, If “something easy” boxed macaroni and cheese with a couple of hot dogs, canned soup with a cold cut sandwich, or frozen TV dinners

Dessert: Instant pudding or ice cream or candy bars

Evening snacks: Cereal and milk or potato chips and dip

· What foods did Bill eat yesterday that could be contributing to his increased blood pressure?

· Pick one meal and analyze the macronutrient and micronutrients that are contributing to his blood pressure.

· If Bill’s blood pressure continues to rise, what health risks is Bill at risk of developing?

 You must use an outside scholarly resource in addition to your text or ATI book when formulating the posts. All information from any source must be cited in APA format!! If you take information from a source without giving credit that is considered plagiarism. I am attaching an APA resource to help you format your resources. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding about the discussion.

Example of an initial post

Hello Class, 

Sarah’s attitude is not appropriate towards supplements. Supplements to help people meet their nutritional requirements, but it is still important to eat foods that will offer nutrients for her and the baby. They should not be taken instead of eating the foods that are recommended. Since she is pregnant, her caloric needs have increased. If she were to meet those caloric requirements, it will increase the absorption and efficiency of the supplements that she takes (Dudek, 2018). Supplements do not have any calories and will not contribute to the 2400 calories that she needs (Dudek, 2018). It is good that she is taking supplements, but she needs to try and consume healthy foods that will not agitate her heartburn

I would inform Sarah that her weight gain is within the normal range. With her BMI, her total pregnancy weight gain should be between 25-35 pounds (Dudek, 2018). I would tell Sarah that she should start eating healthy now, and incorporate foods that offer a high nutritional value to continue that habit after pregnancy. In order for her to lose weight, she should implement weight loss strategies in the early postpartum period in order for it to be the most effective (Dudek, 2018). She should start slowly and include exercise into her weight loss plan (Mayo Clinic, 2018). Breast feeding burns many calories and can aid with the reduction of weight after giving birth because it uses the fat that was stored during pregnancy to produce the milk to feed the baby (Mayo Clinic, 2018). If she is breastfeeding, she should remember that it is important to drink a lot of water especially if she is exercising to reduce the risk of dehydration. If she is having trouble finding ways to exercise because she has two younger children as well, she could join a group for mom’s for exercising (Mayo Clinic, 2018). There are several ways that she can regain her healthy weight, and it all starts with her willingness to improve and a healthy and balanced diet.


Dudek, S. (2018). Nutrition essentials for nursing (Eighth ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.

Mayo Clinic. (2018, July 13). How to get back in your pre-pregnancy jeans. Retrieved from https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/labor-and-delivery/in-depth/weight-loss-after-pregnancy/art-20047813

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