· Part 1: A PowerPoint or Prezi non-narrated presentation (20-25 minutes or 20-25 slides) using the guidelines below to critique the middle range theory you selected in Module 6, Question 2.

There are two parts to this assignment.  

· Part 1:  A PowerPoint or Prezi non-narrated presentation (20-25 minutes or 20-25 slides)  using the guidelines below  to critique the middle range theory you selected in Module 6, Question 2. 

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· Part 2: A 1-2 page handout in WORD (see the last criteria below). 

[Note a Prezi is a form of presentation style that you can find at prezi.com].

This is the time when you are demonstrating what you have learned in this theory course.  This requires you to use your judgment. The first judgment is selecting a theory that will enable you to do this project.  IF your theory is published in a book and you don’t own that book, that’s not a good theory for you to use. IF this theory has very little associated with it, that is not a great theory to use. You have to cite the theorist, not McEwen and Wills or another theory textbook about a theory.  The exception to this would be if the theorist also has a website and ALL of the theory is described there by the theorist. 

Submit your  PowerPoint or Prezi presentation (label Prezi file with your name and name of theory) and your 1-2 page handout in WORD (label file with your name and name of the theory) to the dropbox as 2 separate documents. When you have the copy you want faculty to grade, also upload that copy of the presentation and handout to the DB for Module 8. If you use a Prezi, copy the embed code for your Prezi into a WORD document  that also has the copied text of your Prezi pasted into it. This WORD document with your pasted Prezi text copied will only have your name, the embed code, and a list of phrases. The copied phrases don’t have to be connected in any way. You are only providing the text to obtain a TURNITIN score. The WORD document isn’t being graded, the Prezi will be.

Please post your FINAL presentation to the Module 8 discussion board. Do not post multiple copies of the presentation to the dropbox. 

Post your evaluation and comments about 2 of your colleagues presentations to the Module 8 Discussion Board. 

Note:  Please know that you cannot narrate this presentation because the sound files would be too large. You would have to convert it to an MP4 file and then upload it.  You don’t have to do that.  You won’t be verbally making a presentation because this is an online class.

Please note that when you submit presentations to the dropbox, it will give you a TURNITIN score. Faculty will not read any presentation with a TURNITIN score higher than 25% exclusive of the reference list. Notice that since an originality score is based on the total number of words, you will have fewer words in this presentation for TURNITIN to read.  If you quote a lot, expect a very high TURNITIN socre. If you don’t know how to use TURNITIN, click Using TURNITIN.

Please use the grading rubric for this presentation that is in the dropbox. The grading rubric will give you the most detailed description of what is required in this presentation.

Grading Rubric

Meaning of the Theory

· Selects a middle range theory and names the theorist.  

· Heading of the slides inform the viewer. Ex: Main Ideas, Assumptions, Main Concepts, Relationship Among Concepts.

· Describes the main ideas of the theory including the assumptions under which the theory operates (5 points)

· Documents these areas from the theorist.  DOES NOT USE SECONDARY SOURCES (textbook, internet, websites that are not from the theorist). 

· Describes the main concepts (5 points)

· Explains/demonstrates the relationships among main concepts and how they affect each other

Origins of the theory

· Slide heading informs the reader of topic 

· Effectively uses media to provide the context for the theory.


· What was going on in the world, American society, and nursing when this theory was developed?

· What values, theories, evidence, and/or existing knowledge did the theorist cite as support for the theory? Cites from the theorist.

· What motivated the theorist to write the theory? Cites from the theorist.

· What approach to theory development did the theorist use?

Usefulness of the Theory

· Slide heading informs the viewer

· How useful is this theory in practice?

· Is the theory practical and helpful to nursing

· Does it contribute to understanding and predicting outcomes?

· Presents a constructed example/case study where this theory could be used. Case exemplifies the identified theory (10 points)


· Slide heading is topic of the slide

· Explains the testability of the theory

· Describes the research generated by the theory including the numbers and types  of studies.

· List a sampling of published research studies with complete citations.  DOES NOT USE SECONDARY SOURCE (textbook). 

· Give one example of a study done using the theory (10 points)

· What types of statements are the propositions?  (HINT: This requires you to know the different types of propositions). How do the propositions relate to the research methods used with this theory?

Overrall Evaluation

· Slide heading informs the viewer.

· Indicates whether the theory is  comprehensive, specific.

· Specifies how generalizable the theory is.

· Summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of the theory.

· Explains why the student would or not use this theory in his/her own practice and in his/her advanced practice.  


· Uses phrases, organization rather than complete sentences to minimize words on slide. 

· Uses correct APA format in the reference list


· Does not use internet sources that are NOT from the theorist.

· Does not use inappropriate sources for any part of the theory (non-theorist websites, encyclopedias, inappropriate websites). 

· No grammar/spelling errors

· Uses a slide template that enhances, “works with” the theory

· Effectively uses Google images to make slides visually interesting and memorable.

· Slides are numbered

· Slides are easily read/ not overloaded with words

· Slides are logically arranged for smooth flow in presentation

· Varied use of presentation methods/styles

· Creativity in presentation used to engage audience in thinking about the theory. Includes pictures that “make the point”

· Includes slide transitions

· Compliance with time limit (20-25 minutes in length)


Handout  is

· limited to 2 pages

· assists audience to follow the presentation more easily, and use as a resource for future use.  


Handout should include but is not limited to the following:

· Visually attractive

· Readable

· Includes

· main ideas of the theory.

· assumptions of the theorist

· summarizes major concepts and relationships

· diagram of theory, if available  

· Includes information to retrieve a primary source.

· Quality and esthetics of handout

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