· Find a recent (within 5 years) article online that addresses the question, “Why do nurses struggle to implement evidence-based practice?”

Week 1 490 replies due date 11/06/2020

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Complete your Week 1 discussion prompt.

· Find a recent (within 5 years) article online that addresses the question, “Why do nurses struggle to implement evidence-based practice?”

· After reading the article, reflect on your experiences with evidence-based care. What barriers have you seen prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based practices? What strategies have been effective in removing those barriers?

· Post a link to the article or a pdf of the article with your response.

Reply 1 Pedro Perez

Evidence-based practice is now widely recognized as the key to improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes. Nurses provide personal care and treatment, work with families and communities, and play a central part in public health and controlling disease and infection. The World Health Organization has recognized the roles of nurses. Community nurses (CNs) combine nursing, public health, and some phases of social assistance, and they function as a part of the entire public health programs. CNs can provide health care services, contributing to disease and injury prevention, disability alleviation, and health promotion. CNs generally face more independent work in the varied and dynamic community when there is no medical diagnosis or treatment provided by physicians for either patients or family. Therefore, they have to think critically, analyze complex situations, perform health assessments, and make decisions. However, CNs do not always make decisions based on up-to-date, high-quality evidence, but on experiences. As a nurse, I do not find it challenging to provide EBP, primarily because I work in a Post-Op unit, and treatment for the patients continues to be the same. Some nurses might find it challenging to provide EBP because of their units. Many facilities have limited resources because of budget. For example, we use Mosbys at my job whenever we have to research a procedure or a medical disorder. 

Reply 2 Marco Paul

EBP, also dubbed as evidence-based practice, refers to a practice that has been evaluated thoroughly in experimental evaluations and shown to have positive differences and significant outcomes (Finkelman, 2019). This approach needs various clinical experiences with credible recent research evidence when making decisions in healthcare practice. According to the article, “Factors Affecting the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice as Perceived by Nurses’,” the implementation of evidence-based practice in healthcare settings, is a complicated task (Sindi et al., 2017). Healthcare organizations have to provide resources for the implementation of evidence-based practice and, at the same time, assist in improving the evidence-based practice society. The article also addresses some of the factors that promote and facilitate the implementation of EBP. It also identifies some of the barriers which affect the implementation of EBP, and the final findings are essential in supporting healthcare organizations to establish evidence-based practices (Sindi et al., 2017). 

Upon reading the article, I remembered some of the barriers I have seen which prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based care. Nowadays, the delivery of consistent services and high-quality care is a huge challenge to the healthcare system. One of the barriers to implementing EBP in healthcare is time. Most nurses are required to work round the clock in many hospitals. Besides, they experience workload in various departments and the several tasks for each goal assigned apart from patient care (Shayan et al., 2019). Another barrier is the lack of incentive to develop nurses’ skills in clinical practice and research. This factor is generally about the lack of organizational support where there is an inability to implement research recommendations and findings into clinical practice. Finally, inadequate staffing affects EBP implementation because nurses will find it difficult to have enough time at their workplace to read the research articles and reports. 

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